Dodge Challenger: Fuel-Efficient Machine

The Dodge Challenger is a popular muscle car that boasts a number of exciting features. One of the things we are excited about is the fuel economy. The Challenger has several fuel efficiency features both you and your budget are sure to love.

A 375-HP, 5.7L V8 engine might not be the first place you'd look for advanced fuel-saving technology, but you'll find it here. The engine has been designed with technology that helps the engine control the fuel that is used, letting you go further on a gallon of gas.

Even more impressive is the fuel economy. The standard model gets up to 30 miles a gallon on the highway, so whether you're driving through city traffic or planning a road trip, the Dodge Challenger will get you there without breaking the bank. Stop by Napleton's Northwestern today for a test drive. See how far the Challenger can take you.



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