What Can You Fit Inside the Ram ProMaster?

The Ram ProMaster is a popular cargo van that can accommodate the needs of many business owners and construction workers. Two of its key interior features that enable you to fit bulky equipment inside are nearly 90 degree vertical walls and 260 degree opening of the rear doors.

The side walls inside the cargo van are positioned vertically at almost 90 degrees. You can fit more boxes inside due to the design. Stacking boxers is easier as well thanks to the sharp flat angles of the interior walls. The cargo height is an impressive 65.4"-76", depending on which version of the Ram ProMaster you choose. Loading equipment and other items in the van is easy with the rear doors opening 260 degrees to give you plenty of space. You could fit standard pallets inside the Ram ProMaster.

With 65.4"-76" of cargo height, nearly 90 degree side wall angles, and 260 degree opening rear doors, you can fit a lot inside the Ram ProMaster. At Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Chicago, IL, you can take the van for a test drive and see the ample cargo space for yourself.

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