How Often Should You Change the Oil In Your Car?

You are driving along down the road, and you start to hear loud knocking noise that is definitely coming from your engine. You notice an oily smell in the car and that the oil change light is on. This happens far too often because the owner simply forgot to schedule an oil change for their vehicle. We see this all the time at Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge. How often should you change the oil in your car? Should you change it every 3,000 miles or more?

Some drivers believe that they should change the oil in their vehicle, every 3,000 miles. The fact is that your car might require less frequent oil changes. This is especially true for cars manufactured within the last decade. The best course of action is to check your owner's manual for advice.

If you believe that it is definitely time for an oil change, bring your vehicle to our service center at 5950 N Western Ave in Chicago for great service today!

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