The New Charger Doesn't Disappoint When It Comes to Performance!

The new Charger from Dodge has a strong legacy to uphold, but it still manages to exceed the expectations of even the most fanatic performance sedan enthusiasts. The new Charger is the most advanced addition to the line. It boasts numerous performance-enhancing features engineered with remarkable precision, while still maintaining the power and aggressive design that the Charger line is known for.

One of those performance features is the vehicle's specially designed all-speed traction control system. It quickly and efficiently allocates brake pressure and engine power to regain traction quickly on slippery surfaces and prevent the vehicle from slipping in even the worst conditions. Then there's the Dodge Charger's new electronic gear shifter, which gives you smooth and seamless gear transfers with short throws, while still providing you with the feedback you need, both audibly and visually.

If you'd like to take the Dodge Charger for a test drive, and you're in the greater Chicago area, then stop by Napleton’s Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge today!



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